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Rabbits Cannot Cry

Levi, since birth, had been a sight to behold. For one, her fur was white in stark contrast to her siblings who were brown. Furthermore, her ears were twice as long as her siblings’ and her eyes were huge and white with red irises. As she grew up, a mass of long and thick black hair grew from her head. As an unfortunate finishing touch, sharp dagger-like teeth protruded from where her rabbit teeth should have grown. As nobody knew why Levi was born the way she was, the other rabbits wondered why her mother had not left her to die when she was still a kitten. Normally, when deformed kittens were born, their mothers would ignore them. But Levi’s mother loved her all the same. Because the other kittens were terrified of her, Levi spent most of her days as a lone hunter. Her teeth were not made to chew the grass outside the warren nor the vegetables the others had to steal from the farmers’ gardens. So secretly, and under the tutelage of foxes, she stalked the meadows and farms in search of…
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The Past Pest

The past can haunt us at any given time. Whether it comes with a trigger or not, the past—namely negative memories—can derail our trains of thought. Sometimes they come in waves, sometimes they hit like a ton of bricks and sometimes they creep into our minds and can make us act irrationally without us knowing why.

Every one of us has had to deal with the past and overcome it. Some of us may have conquered it and moved on, but for some, the battle continues.

Recalling negative memories—or as I like to call it, memory relapses—is counterproductive at its worst, especially when we mull said memories over again and again. As we all may know, learning to deal with the past is an extremely broad and difficult topic, so I have devised a list of the main points for all you radiant people.

Overcoming memory relapses takes time. Your mind can be your best friend and your worst enemy. It’s good to reflect on your mistakes and learn from them, but don’t keep blaming yourself. Learn to forgive your…

Go At Your Own Pace (published 18th March 2018)

More often than not, we hear about other people achieving success one way or another. Whether it’s about marriage, children, businesses booming about this and that, we take in those stories from a mutual friend, a family member, books and even on TV and YouTube videos. Some of us feel happy for said people, some of us feel jealous of them and angry at ourselves for not having the same, and some of us even feel both of these emotions and more in no particular order.
Everybody envies someone at one point or another, but we mustn’t let these negative feelings overcome us. So, I’ve written some points for all you magnificent souls out there on how to deal with them:
It’s very easy to look at other people’s fortunes and not feel grateful for your own. Say you’re striving to achieve the promotion at work you’ve been wanting for so long, then all of a sudden that promotion has been given to someone else. You feel livid and envious and all these negative emotions hang over you like a dark clo…

New Twitter and Instagram

Hi, dear fans! Just wanted to let you know I have a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me for new content :)




Prince of Dragons

“No, no, it wasn’t me!” “You killed Princess Verona! It was your fault!” “No, Father! It was Sebastian’s fault! He put the heart beside me while I slept!” “Then why is her blood on your hands?” “Father, please! You have to believe me!” “Do as you wish, Queen Arianna. He is no longer my son.” “Nooooooooo!”
My head jerked awake as I screamed and my eyes opened up to reality again. The first thing I saw was the dark outline of the trees encircling me, then the wooden bridge ahead creaking, and a frying pan hitting my head. I growled in frustration as I remembered why I was where I was. “Thanks for ruining my beauty sleep, cretin!” Princess Mallory yells from the tower. I rubbed my scaly green temples. As fun as it was to get away with burning people to cinders, I had been trying to teach myself self-control, but Princess Mallory was the third-most demanding princess I had ever had to guard until her prince came or until she shrivelled up like a prune. With gritted teeth, I tried to go back to …

Positive Mental Attitude!

Today's been a great day so far. It's Brunei's 34th National Day today and the parade, from what I've seen on Instagram and Facebook, was spectacular! As in people-holding-up-coloured-pieces-of-paper-to-make-fantastic-pictures spectacular!

Also, today I watched my favourite YouTuber Jacksepticeye (a.k.a. Sean McLoughlin) appear on The Late Late Show. I thought it was just gonna be an average interview and I'm so glad I was proven wrong. Near the end of the interview, a teenaged girl named Jane Anne started crying 'cos she got to see her idol and she got to sit with him and hug him (and even hold his hand!). Some people in the crowd may have been jealous of her, but along with some others, I certainly wasn't. (Well, maybe a little but that's not the point.)

The last bit was what really got me. Jane Anne asked Jack, "What do I do to stay positive whenever I feel overwhelmed?" Appropriately, the crowd applauded and braced themselves for Jack'…